File Types

We accept both Mac and PC formats of the following file types:

• TIFF flattened
• EPS flattened with all text converted to outlines • AI Illustrator CS3 or lower
• PSD Photoshop CS3 or lower
• PDF with all fonts embedded

Please make sure to include all images required and all fonts used should be embedded or converted to outlines.

Size & Resolution
• All files should be built as large as possible. (maximum of full size at 150 dpi )

• Please add a clipping mask to EPS artwork.

• For best results, please build your files in CMYK colorspace. All banners are printed in CMYK process and may have slight variations in color.

Additional Information

• A color printout of the artwork must accompany the CD, or a PDF must accompany artwork if uploading to the FTP site.
• Number and placement of grommets, pocket size, special stitching, existing hardware, or other details need to be included in notes but not in file.

• If banners are going to have pole pockets, please add 1.25” to height only. For banner going into banner stands, please call for extra height needed for that particular stand.